2 Weeks Sleep Training Support

All the same perks as the standard 3-week package, but with a shorter support period. Most children on

This sleep training package includes:

  1. A detailed intake form that will ask questions about:
    • your family’s values and dynamics
    • your child’s schedule and personality
    • your child’s sleep history
  2. A 1-hour virtual consultation to:
    • discuss the information on your intake form
    • ask and answer each other’s questions
    • decide on a plan of action as a team.
  3. A custom sleep plan, tailored to your family’s specific situation. This is generally delivered via email, 2 business days or 48h after the consultation.
    • Any necessary tweaks or modifications are included!
  4. 2 weeks of unlimited email support from 8a-8p Eastern, starting from the day of plan implementation.
  5. 30 minutes of phone time to be used over the implementation period if needed.

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